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The Monday Musings – The Window

It’s come to my attention that some soon-to-be brides may be under the impression that their partners are perhaps not pulling their weight on the wedding planning side of things – a misconception I feel obliged, on behalf of all those other ‘gormless grooms” out there to clear up.

It’s not that we men don’t want to help but rather that we are held back by scheduling constraints. You see the prime time for visiting venues and talking to vendors seems to be the weekend, and for most of the weekend, perhaps more so than on workdays there are very important matters that require our attention.

Of course if you’ve been completing the majority of your planning in the last couple of months you may have found your future husband to be extremely helpful and accommodating with his time and may indeed be wondering what I’m talking about. I’ve got news for you though, I’m sorry to inform you that as of Saturday the weekend wedding planning window is now firmly shut and you can only hope that you’ve done enough preparation for the upcoming season.

Yep, the football is back, and that means that for we fellas our weekend workload has just dramatically increased. Not only are there matches to be watched but there’s complaining to do, wild baseless speculation to discuss and many many hours to commit to looking at the BBC Sports App waiting for a slightly different take on the exact same story. Thank god Sky Sports News has moved back to not being available on Freeview – that’s 4-5 hours I’ve gained back on each weekend previously spent watching looping headlines waiting for an interview with a manager that turns out to be unbelievably boring. This may, on the face of it seem unimportant when compared to planning THE most important day of your life, but it’s important to remember that the planning can always be done another night.

Not Tuesdays or Wednesdays of course, there’s Champion’s League football on those nights, and the Europa league on a Thursday, but that still leaves you a whole two evenings a week for wedding planning! I mean come to think of it there is the odd league game on a Monday… and of course for those who support non-premiership teams there’s often Friday games as well which leaves… well, not every game demands our full attention and most wedding companies these days have websites… Although we can’t multitask of course so maybe after the match?

But really it’s the wedding planning rather than the football that’s at fault here – I mean football maintains a pretty consistent and predictable schedule every year with all the dates printed clearly for you to look up from before the season even kicks off. Perhaps if the wedding planning season was as clearly mapped out all these conflicts could be avoided! But really I don’t know what anyone’s complaining about, I mean there’s no football on in June and July, that’s loads of time! Just make sure you’re getting married on a year that’s an odd number to avoid the European and World Cups of course.

So there you go, the wedding planning window is totally open for at least two months every two years so what’s the problem here? And in the meantime whilst you may not be able to get an assist leading up to that all important final day of the engagement season at least we can afford you the opportunity to listen to our great and informative insight into why Wayne Rooney shouldn’t leave United and share with you our own incredible managerial skills with our fantasy football teams… You’re welcome.

So if you’ve been giving your fella a hard time about not pulling his weight I hope this post helps you to understand why the wedding planning window has just slammed firmly shut.

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