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The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Car – Vintage Vs Modern

We all like to make an entrance, or in the case of the bride and groom, a dramatic exit and generally speaking a beautiful old chauffeur driven classic car is the Bride and Groom’s vehicle of choice. But as your wedding day is about living your dreams and having fun would it be more exciting to hire yourself that incredible sports car you’ve always wanted to drive? Is it better to go for the modern sports car or stick to the classics?

Time to find out!


In the Red Corner, fighting on behalf of the old classic (well let’s face it having not driven since passing her test aged 18 it’s probably best to hire a chauffeur or at least put her in a car that can’t get above 40, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”.

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the modern sportscar, he watches Top Gear, loves Aston Martins and drives… a Mondeo. An old one. A really battered old one. Even the cup holder doesn’t pass it’s MOT anymore. So yeah, a shiny new sports car would be a perfectly acceptable Birthday present, HINT!! it’s Matt “the Gormless Groom”.

The Wedding Car: Vintage Vs Modern


Dom: Some of those old classic cars just seem to ooze style and class and they somehow just fit perfectly with weddings and look so dramatic!

Matt: But a lot of people are having much less traditional classic weddings these days and having a classic car with a more contemporary wedding sometimes just doesn’t go. You expect a classic car to turn up at a wedding and when it’s something different, particularly a really beautiful sports car it actually often has more of a wow factor.

Dom: But you only really see vintage cars on the road for a wedding and riding in one is really fun! It’s more unusual, more of an experience… you may not get the chance to drive one that often but you see Sports cars around all the time, and if you want the experience of driving them you’re better off doing it fast around a track on the Stag Party!!

Matt: Vintage cars always face the real danger of breaking down which can cause major problems with the schedule and spoil your grand entrance entirely!

malcesine-castle-wedding-photography-70Dom: Most of the chauffeur driven modern “posh” cars just don’t have quite the same grandeur as the old ones, and driving yourself around in a sports car might be fun but means you can’t be having that champagne and those cheeky swigs of whisky from your best man’s hip flask to “calm your nerves”!

Matt: But if it’s a car you’ve always wanted to drive then isn’t that worth it just for the experience and the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to rather than just hire a car that looks nice but you don’t have any connection with?

Dom: Because classic cars are so popular for weddings there are more suppliers you can hire them from

Matt: When you look back at your wedding even a modern car will look vintage, but it gives a nice reflection of the time that you did get married rather than being from a time that isn’t really relevant to you.

Dom: The older cars are often much more spacious in the back which allows more room for the bride to spread out her dress, and they’re often taller which helps with maintaining that elegant look when getting out!

Matt: If you spend your money hiring a cool modern sports car you could hire it for a few days, maybe even driving it to the honeymoon and enjoy having that amazing car for longer. With a vintage car chances are it’s chauffeur driven and it will usually disappear as soon as it drops you off at the reception.

Kay and Chris-304

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Place your votes below or join the debate by leaving a comment!

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