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Wedding Jewellery Tips and Advice!

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogWell, it’s only half way through the week, it’s cold and damp and the shops are already starting to tease us with the upcoming thought of Christmas whilst it’s still too tantalisingly far off to really get excited about it. Sounds to me like it’s time for a little retail therapy! Fortunately this afternoon we have just the thing as the good folks at Henryka have sent us some fantastic wedding jewellery tips and advice on how to choose the most flattering jewellery for your colour scheme! Sparkly AND expensive… my favourite!

wedding jewellery tips

Your big day is going to be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. You’ve spent months (or secretly even years!) planning every detail, especially how you’re going to look during this special time. You’ve probably also gave yourself some time to plan your jewellery, but with so many options and emotions running high you might not be sure what to go for. Here are some tips for choosing wedding jewellery while keeping a level headed approach.

Money money money

Like every part of your wedding, planning is the key to making sure everything goes right. Set a budget for jewellery as early as possible so you can get a better idea of what sort of jewellery you’re working with and control those impulse buy urges. Although the budget should be an early add-in, wait to buy your jewellery after you’ve made the final decisions of what dress your wearing. You want your pieces to accent and complement your dress; if you buy pieces beforehand there’s no guarantee they’ll suit the dress and outfit.

Narrowing down choices

Many brides come up with a colour scheme for the wedding and their outfit quite quickly. Definitely extend this to your jewellery choices. If you went for a warm colour scheme gold will suit your outfit better, while silver looks good with cool colours. The choice also depends on the style of your dress. If the dress goes for understated style it might be best to choose pure metals with decorative carving or simple cut pieces with stones to add colour or detail. With a busier dress you can choose complex pieces of jewellery with a lot of detail, hanging earrings with segments and other colour or detail heavy pieces to match the dress. Make sure to take a picture of the dress when buying jewellery so you have an idea of what it will look like on the day.

Things to look for in wedding jewellery

  • Quality. This is your wedding, the time when you can splash cash on yourself without any guilt. For both better looking and more luxurious jewellery choose the highest quality metals you can afford. These should last longer too, so you can pull them out over the years and reminisce over your big day.
  • Colour. Again, go for the metal that fits the tone of your outfit. For a really out there dress you might actually want to keep things a little simpler, removing stones from the equation and just wearing detailed metal. However, most brides can get away with a touch of colour. Choose your favourite (colour theme withstanding) and choose from a variety of stones, cuts and polishes for preferred effect.
  • Detail. How the metal’s carved, the amount of different aspects to the jewellery and the added material also add that OOMPH to your jewellery. If your dress, shoes or hair piece contains pearl or diamond, make sure to include a small piece in your jewellery. The aspects are also important. Necklaces with many different beads may look too busy for a wedding outfit; dangling earrings with long falls of different colours are too much too. Wedding pieces look far nicer if they use clean lines and small, intricate detail. If you’re going for more colour buy a piece with less ornate carving/metal decoration and vice versa. Silver jewellery is especially great for this, as the muted metal is a great backdrop for any colour.
  • How much to wear. It’s hard to quantify how much is too much as different outfits and different brides will look good styled differently. However, if you think there’s too much there probably is. My best advice is to stick earrings as the one must have (apart from your ring, of course). If you want more go for a necklace and one arm decorated with bangles or a bracelet. The more detailed and luxurious one is the more you can go without the other.

Last thoughts

Of course all this is well and good, but in the end it depends on your own sense of style. If you’re a vintage bride, jewellery will always have that classic cut and conservative edge.  If you’re going for a really distinctive or off-beat wedding you know best what will fit the theme. Trust your instincts, but try to keep the jewellery classy, even if you’ve chosen something like a relaxed hippy wedding in a field. Good quality metal will keep for years, copper-based pieces and natural material often won’t.

This article was written on behalf of Henryka, a silver and amber jewellery store based in Herefordshire.

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