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Wedding Rings – Expert Tips and Advice from Vashi Dominguez

So you’ve picked the venue, the dress is sorted, colours are decided but there’s one important detail that hasn’t been decided upon; the rings.

Picking your wedding rings is an important decision for any couple as you are likely to wear these pieces of jewellery every day for the rest of your life. They are a symbol of your eternal love, so we caught up with Vashi Dominguez, Diamond Expert and Founder of Diamond Manufacturers ( to get his advice on picking the right rings for you.

Vashi points out that there are 10 things to consider when picking your wedding bands:

1. His and hers?

Should you opt for matching rings? Some couples choose matching plain rings and sometimes personalise them with an engraving or others opt for entirely different styles. It’s up to you to choose a style that suits you both. Don’t feel pressured to match as it is what they symbolise which is important.

2. Know your budget

Weddings can be expensive, but remember that a wedding ring is for life.  You and your partner will need to decide how much you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding rings.  Don’t get carried away by fabulous and expensive rings, but don’t buy wedding rings too cheap either and regret it in years to come.

Know your budget and stick to it.  Do your research and get the best wedding ring you can possibly buy for your money. By purchasing your rings online you could save yourself up to 60% off high street prices so make sure that you shop around to get the best deal.

3. Combination?

Remember that for the bride the wedding band will need to sit alongside her engagement ring, so take into consideration how it will fit. If the bride-to-be has a halo engagement ring then the wedding band will need to be curved to sit comfortably alongside the halo. Often a popular choice is to have both the engagement and wedding ring designed in the same metal and style.

4. Comfort  

If you and your partner enjoy sports and an active lifestyle in general, you may want to opt for wedding bands that are robust, secure and don’t scratch easily.  A diamond wedding ring with a whopping great stone looks fantastic, but you may find it uncomfortable in the long run. It may also scratch or get caught in clothing more easily.

Also if you spend the day at a computer you probably want to opt for a thin style ring as this will be more comfortable after a long day typing. Also make sure your band fits properly and isn’t too loose. There’s nothing worse than having a ring that could potentially fly off at any moment. Diamond Manufacturers offer free ring resizing to all customers after they receive their rings if they feel the fit isn’t quite right.

5. Setting?  

If you and your partner choose to opt for diamond wedding bands choose a flush or bezel setting for the ring as it is more secure. A prong setting allows more light to go through the diamond.  In other words, a diamond solitaire ring with a prong setting creates more sparkle.  Wedding rings with a bezel setting or a flush set diamond show only the top of the gems with a nice edge around it, making it less likely to catch on your clothes.

6. Metal  

The metal of a wedding band is often chosen through colour preference and budget but your lifestyle should also be taken into consideration. If you do a lot of sport or have an active job then platinum is probably the best metal to choose as it is hard wearing and won’t scratch as easily.

Silver is a relatively soft metal and will tarnish over time.  Gold, whether white gold or yellow gold wedding rings, is fine as long as it not more than 18k (pure gold is 24k, whereas 18k gold is made by mixing 75% gold with 25% other metals).


7. Style  

When choosing the style of your ring remember that you are likely to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life.  A goth style ring may set your pulse racing now, but will it still be a fitting choice twenty years? Choose something classic and you can’t go wrong.

8. Design your own wedding ring?

If for whatever reason you can’t find your perfect ring you could design your own. This allows you and your partner to truly personalise your rings and make something unique to you both.

At Diamond Manufacturers, we have a team of skilled professionals who specialise in creating made-to-order pieces. We can create the wedding rings of your dreams from a single image in a record time of five days.

9. Diamonds 

If you and your partner opt for a diamond ring make sure that you do your research on the 4C’s (cut, colour, Clarity and Carat). Make sure that you shop around to get the best deal and quality diamond for your money.

10.  Engravings? 

Engraving your wedding band is the best way to make your rings unique and personal to you. Couples sometimes opt for their names and wedding date, or a special message to add that unique personal touch to their special day.

Diamond Manufacturers offer customers that buy plain wedding bands free engraving with their rings, as well as offering a lifetime guarantee where the customer receives free ring resizing and cleaning at any point after their purchase.

Whichever style you opt for just remember that your wedding bands are personal to you, so don’t be swayed by the trends and pushy sales staff. Simply choose a style that you like and that suits your lifestyle.

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  • Holly - July 14, 2013 - 10:56 am

    I think there has been a major point left out of this post, which worries me slightly and from looking at the website that this post is sponsored from there is no mention of it either.
    That is the issue of ‘conflict diamonds’ or better known as ‘blood diamonds’. This is the completely unethical sourcing of diamonds in countries like Sierra Leone where rebels go around the villages kidnapping children, turning them into soldiers and kidnapping more men and children to work in the diamond mines. These diamonds are then sold to smugglers who buy them with weapons and arms. The diamonds get sent to somewhere like India where they get mixed up with all the other diamonds and you never then know where you diamond has come from. You’d be surprised at how much the biggest diamond companies in the world know all about this and do nothing to stop it.

    It is absolutely necessary and vital for the consumer to insist upon an ethically sourced, conflict-free diamond.
    It is only the demand of diamonds from the west that funds these atrocities and so it is up to the same people to demand that their diamonds are not sourced in this way.
    Never, ever buy a diamond that is not certified as conflict-free and where you know exactly where it has come from.
    The lives of people are far more important than a rock on your finger.
    Do some research and watch the film Blood Diamond if in any doubt.ReplyCancel

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