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Weekly Wedding Inspiration – Favours

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding Blog“Wedding favours….Wedding favours… oh yeah, I know what you mean! ‘No sicilian can refuse any request on his daughter’s wedding day.’ The Godfather right? So what are we looking at here? Providing the guests with political protection? Horses heads? Making someone an offer they can’t refuse? … I may love that film but this isn’t sounding very weddingy Dom!”

(Exasperated sigh) “Read this”

“Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding recept… Oh I see!” Bride Vs Groom, Wedding Blog

He really is useless! Yes, this week I have been looking at wedding favours: a nice
treat for all the guests that can also provide some beautiful table decoration! Check out some of my amazing finds…

Now this really does take effort.. 130 potted basil plants with cute little person name tags.

I like the dual functionality of these favours as they also work as quirky name place cards.

Check out to see the whole wedding, I absolutely adore the whole multi-coloured theme!

Aptly appropriate for this time of year… eh Matt?!  😉

These adorable little love heart pencils are handmade and are surprisingly simple to do.

Below is the link for the tutorial, perfect for a love heart themed wedding.

Another glorious find through .. Seriously if you guys have never looked it is the perfect place to find little trinkets!

This Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” wacky bottle would be fantastic for a fantasy themed wedding.

This favour was a find at one of my favourite weddings of last year.

The tasty lollipop was fun for the guests and a nice little snack for them if they got peckish!

A popular choice for favours and an amusing little addition to the wedding!

These badges are great for decoration for the tables and a cool little accessory for the guests afterwards!

What a delightful addition to your tables!

A sweet little dash of fairy dust that would spellbound the children!

Mmmmmm…goodie bags….

Right, where was I?! These brown paper goodie bags are an appealing addition for any bride to be and the option of filling the sweets with all kinds of yummy is awesome!

Made by Posh Paperie I found these at the beautiful wedding blog

Wow, this is a lavish favour…those lucky guests!

Having compasses with name tags is a neat idea.. I bet there was no excuses for being late! :)

According to the blog each compass was engraved and the whole wedding was travel themed with suitcases, maps and postcards!

très cool.

Ahhhh the classic! The humble cupcake, it should never be forgotten!

All the guests love them and they look so pretty on the tables!

And finally for this week I leave you with another edible favour… hmmmm coincidence or it is my stomach trying to tell me something!

Anyway a very simple idea with a delicious filling… mmmmmm

I love the inviting bold font on the front and the command to eat…fun and educational  😉

For more funky wedding favours go to our Pinterest page …in the meantime I’m going to go and curb the hungry pangs with some Corn Flakes… If I concentrate really hard then perhaps they will taste like sugar coated Frosties…

Humph…. perhaps not.

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