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Weekly Wedding Inspiration – Invitations

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogINVITATIONS….INVITATIONS…..INVITATIONS….INVITATIONS….you will have to excuse me dear readers as I am trying a little technique to get this word into my wedding plan filled mind… INVITATIONS…. Now. You may be wondering why on earth this is a problem, well it is now only 8months until the big day and I have sent none. No save the dates, no invitations, no “please will you come to my wedding, pretty-please?” cards. This, I have been told by my friends and family, is disgraceful and needs to be sorted, apparently like a month ago so this could get interesting. I’m not completely dim-witted and I have spoken to people and now know who can and can’t come to our wedding but still… no invitations is apparently not good. Honestly, you would think that the world was coming to an end and that the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse were reining down over us, ready to strike and declare war on our worlds with the fuss it is causing. So this week’s Weekly Wedding Inspiration is to inspire me too and I’m sure that I can’t be alone in this and that there are some of you brides out there with the same dilemma… A least I hope so! So, if you’re all sitting comfortably let us delve into the crazy world of invitations and begin.

Now invitations are something that I really didn’t know much about, my wedding photography lifestyle has ensured that I have a pretty strong grasp on most wedding related things and if all else fails I can look back on all the luscious weddings I have photographed and gain inspiration from them. But the invitations are a little bit different. As the photographer I am not normally privy to such an important event so I was a little stumped on how to begin. Also, (and this was a big thing for me!) the only invitations I had seen weren’t really my style, they either were traditional, classy and beautiful and felt like they were designed by royalty OR in a vintage style and looked like they were hand-stitched and very bespoke. Neither of these things applied to me. I’m not particularly traditional and my wedding wasn’t going to be vintage styled nor was it particularly contemporary.

I love fine art, paintings and drawings.

I love photographs and postcards.

I love geeky techy stuff.

I love movies and old films.

…..You can see my problem.

Luckily help was at hand from my fabulous friend Leanne who is amazing at finding those quirky, different details for the wedding that I truly need (if she didn’t live in Canada I’m sure everything would be already sorted!). She sent me an email simply entitled “ideas for Dom” and inside was a haven of wonderful, unusual invites that were right up my street. I was a happy Dom and I am here to share with you some of the invitations she sent me, as well as the many others that I have found myself. It seemed that as soon as I was given the key to what kind of invitations I should be looking for then simply loads of invitations flew into my pinterest page! I don’t know where they were hiding before…BAD INVITES


Invitations printed onto tea towels! How original and cool!

A fantastic gift for the guests and one they can reuse over and over again.

Picture: SOLENTpeacock-invitations

Even though I am sure that this goes into the vintage category I absolutely adore these peacock styled invites.

The use of tying real peacock feathers to the envelopes is really quirky and is a great idea.

Check out the entire website at there are so many unique and clever ideas…another favourite of mine ..the dinky little clock!


This is a nifty idea! This photo wheel invitation is unusual and is so sweet with the photographs of the couple together.


A wedding invitation that is also a vinyl?! What a fun and frankly awesome idea!

Especially if you really dig your music.


OR how about going a step further and the vinyl record TURNS INTO a record player?!

This intriging invite is a vinyl record made by artist and designer Kelli Anderson for her friend.

It transformed into a makeshift record player which the guest could spin with a finger to play an invitation song made by the couple..

Too cool ….non?!

Picture: SOLENTbride-vs-groom

Oh dear.. I seem to have a bit of an obsession with taches  😉

I love the illustrative nature of these invitations, they have a playful and sweet feel about them.


WOW >> This is so cool! A cartoon comic book ilustrator! I love cartoons… (obviously) hence the gorgeous work of Emily Pithon on this very site! What do you think Bride Vs Groom clan? Is this the right way to go for us?

Here is where I found this groovy work.. eventolistas.comwedding-abroad-blog

OR… should we go down this route? A luggage tag?!

Printer Brad O’Sullivan was commissioned to create an invitation in the style of airline ticket complete with luggage tag style RSVPs.

Well… it is I suppose a tad appropriate  😉  ……though I’m not ready to spill why quite yet!

Picture: SOLENTbride-vs-groom-invitations

I love these hand cut designed invitations by

They are so pretty and look so very delicate. The only snag is you do need a theme of some sort.

This wintry theme works perfectly and would definitely attract your guests.

I don’t think they would throw them away…they need to be framed.


To finish today’s divine invitations is I think a bit of a special one.

Crafty but in an arty way this beautiful collaged invitation designed by Luci Everett.

It is a gem to look at and I have spent ages staring at all the little details …which is surely what a good invite is for?

So there you have it.. many quirky, funky, completely off the wall invites for us “different” people to choose from! If you need more choice then you can have a gander at our Pinterest page at for some more inspiration. To read the article that inspired this post in the first place click on this link!

Now, I just need to decide on a style and oh…wait… a COLOUR THEME!!!! ….. oh Matt…. I think we have a problem…  😉


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