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Why The Weather Should Never spoil Your Day

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogAs a nation we Britons are pretty hung up on the weather. We seem to spend our time talking about how bad the weather was last week or how terrible the summer’s been. We live in a country with a highly variable climate yet we spend all our time complaining about it rather than embracing it. When it comes to your wedding day you can plan and plan to make everything perfect but the weather is the one element you can never control, so I’m always disappointed when I see happy couples getting upset that the sun has abandoned them on their wedding day. No-one really wants to see rain but, as long as you acknowledge the possibility of its presence during the planning stages there really is no reason for it to spoil things at all. We planned to escape to a tropical paradise for our wedding and were met with conditions that weren’t always quite what you’d expect (more to come on that particular tale next week), but no matter what the conditions we went with it and took advantage of the better light when we could. After all, whether windy, rainy or cloudy it was still warm, and that’s something we wouldn’t have had anywhere else. So what can you do to make sure your wedding is the sunshine on a rainy day? Here’s a few tips:

  • Umbrellas are cool… Use them! Hey Rihanna wrote a whole song about the things after all! But don’t get some crappy Tesco value blue and white thing, you’ve spent all that money on looking perfect so make sure your umbrellas are an extension of that! A classy, pure white umbrella will look great with our dress and can make a really good prop for the photos! Better yet get something with some vintage frills and a funky shape and it can actually enhance your look! Give your bridesmaids matching ones and maybe a cool black or even multicolours for the groomsmen and you can get yourself some really cool images!
  • Embrace it! I know you want to keep that pristine look but what’s more important? Having fun and getting some awesome wedding pics or keeping a dress clean that you’re never going to wear again? Particularly with the photographs we can say from experience that you get back what you’re willing to put in so take a risk and get out there singing in the rain!
  • No matter where you are make sure your whole day isn’t reliant on being outside. Make sure there’s somewhere for your guests to go if it really turns nasty and if necessary improvise. If you can’t have drinks in the garden like you planned then be ready to move them inside or even down to the local pub! If you have an activity planned then make sure there’s an indoor alternative. Your guests will understand and probably enjoy the adventure rather than just getting upset and grumbling about it!
  • Book a good photographer! One of the most stunning pictures from our wedding was taken in the thickest fog you’ve ever seen (technically we were actually in a cloud)and our photographer actually took us away from bright sunshine to get that shot! A photographer who knows how to make use of available light can get a great photo in any conditions… rain can be a beautiful thing!!!
  • Have a spare pair of more practical bridal shoes with you… Or even wedding wellies! (there are some really cool ones you can buy). If you want to protect those high heels from getting sodden and mucky then just swap to outdoor shoes and change again when heading inside! Your shoes are probably going to be killing you by the end of the day anyway so you might appreciate the break anyway!
  • Make sure there’s alternative transport. If it’s likely king likely to be icy or even snowing on our day then bear in mind that a vintage car may have difficulty getting there. Sure it’d be disappointing not to arrive in quite the style you had planned for but the most important thing is that you and your guests can get there.
  • If you’re getting married in winter then think carefully before booking a very remote location! So stop worrying about what the weather’s going to be like, there really is no way to control it. Enjoy your day no matter what the conditions are, your day should be perfect come rain or come shine!


Another amazing image from our wedding by the brilliant Ed Peers!

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