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Welcome to Bride vs Groom, the story of the trials, tribulations and occasional jubilations of planning a wedding! We’re Matt and Dom and in October 2012 we got married! It really was the most magical day of our lives, but getting to that point wasn’t always easy! This blog started out as a diary of our wedding journey, of the tale of a “Gormless Groom” who knew nothing about weddings and a Wedding photographer Bride who couldn’t stop talking about them! We reckon we’ve learnt a few lessons along the way, and now we’re here to help you plan your own day! For us a wedding should be all about having fun, so whilst we love to share couples’ stories (as well as our own) and show you the coolest inspirations, awesome wedding photography and stunning videos, we don’t take things too seriously! We’ll tell you the story from both the Bride and Groom’s perspectives and we hope we can offer a good read and a bit of inspiration to Brides and Grooms alike! So sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea or crack open a bottle of single malt and come join us in finding some cool weddings, amazing stories and having a bit of a laugh in the process. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Story of the Bride Vs the Groom.

the tog bride

The BrideHi, I’m Dom, a professional photographer who absolutely LOVE’s weddings! I’ve been to hundreds of weddings yet each and every one has been completely unique and I never tire of seeing the amazing ideas, beautiful venues and especially the happy Brides and Grooms on their special days! I love hearing couple’s stories and helping Brides and Grooms to plan their own perfect celebration and navigate the minefield of styles, themes, venues and dresses out there. As someone who recently got married themselves and has gone through the crazy planning stages as well as someone who photographs weddings all over the place I’m here to offer you thoughts, ideas, a little inspiration and a sprinkling of professional advice. Oh…and I absolutely LOVE your wedding photos, particularly the story telling ones! We’ve told you our wedding story, now I can’t wait to hear yours. So ladies, let’s get cracking, grab our bouquets and whip those boys into shape! Believe me, your fella can’t be any more useless a groom than mine was…

the gormless groom

The GroomHi, I’m Matt and when this blog started I didn’t have A CLUE about weddings! I’d barely even been to a wedding let alone plan one, and spent most of the planning stages of Dom and I’s day hiding my wallet and clutching a bottle of Whisky! Somewhere along the line though something happened… Don’t tell the wife but I actually started to sort of enjoy it! So much so in fact that I ended up becoming a professional wedding videographer! Maybe this groom ain’t so gormless after all! Don’t worry though, I may have finally figured out what a boutonniere is (although it did take two years and someone physically pinning it to my jacket) but I’m still here to fight the Groom’s side and help the boys out over a pint or two! My advice? Buy yourself a decent bottle of Whisky before the money’s gone! Don’t worry though… you can still have plenty of laughs along the way! So chaps, I’ll be your guide today if you’d like to take your seat on the wild wedding safari adventure… fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Oh…we almost forgot someone…

Small Dog

Paddington, AKA ‘Small Dog’

Paddington is the small dog with the big personality and the even bigger crush on Dom. When we announced our engagement he was far from happy about it and made his feelings known in his many attempts at ‘removing’ his competition Matt at every opportunity! You can catch up on all of Paddington’s tales (pun disappointingly intended) right here on the blog! (Assuming he leaves Matt alive long enough to write them down!)

And in case you thought we were just cartoons…

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