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The Friday Fight-Out: All Weather Bride Vs Good Weather Bride

How ever hard you plan, however many checklists you make you never truly know what the weather will be like on your big day. Whilst most couples plan a contingency in case it’s impossible to have their planned outdoor events, relatively few brides come armed and ready to brave the elements on their big day. So should you be prepared to be an all-weather bride or is it best just to go with your ideal good-weather look and make sure you stay strictly indoors? Time to step into the debating chamber and get to the bottom of this one, all weather bride vs good weather bride!


In the Red Corner, fighting for the fully prepared all-weather bride, well if you can end up having your wedding in a storm on a tropical island where can you really expect to hide from the weather? It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”.

In the Blue Corner, suggesting a go-with-the-flow and stay indoors if necessary approach, well he is the one who usually ends up lying on the wet grass trying to get the shot when the weather’s bad, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

All Weather Bride Vs Good Weather Bride 

All weather bride vs good weather bride

Dom: You really can’t account for the weather and being prepared for it with umbrellas to hand, a dress that can accommodate wellies if you want some outdoor photos on muddy ground and something warm but stylish to wear over the dress if it’s chilly really means there’s no reason at all for the weather to impact on your day.

Matt: But you may have spent thousands on your dress already and want to show it off, not hide it beneath coats! As long as you’ve chosen a venue that has the capacity to move things inside it should be possible to avoid being exposed to the elements for more than a minute or two.

Dom: Whilst moving things inside is fine it’s often difficult to get group shots or lovely natural light portraits indoors and you may have chosen your venue specifically for it’s gardens or activities that can take place outdoors. Having a few extra weatherproof accessories for your dress (and warning guests to come prepared for the weather too) means you don’t have to miss out on all of that if it’s just a little blustery or if there’s a tiny drizzle in the air.

Matt: But your guests are unlikely to want to face the elements anyway even if the bride and groom are prepared so you may as well just look your best and accept that you’re not going to get outdoors.

Dom: The all-weather look can actually give your dress a whole new dimension and give you two very different (and equally cool) looks! I love seeing a bride in wellies or with a stylish fur or bridal coat, it’s such an amazing look and looks fab in the photos! With wellies you can even do cool stuff like go into streams and get photos you couldn’t possibly get otherwise!

Matt: But all these extra accessories like bridal coats and boots, even pretty white umbrellas all add significantly to the cost when you’re likely to have already spent a small fortune on the dress, hair and makeup for your look.

Dom: Confetti is rarely allowed to be thrown indoors and it’s rarely possible to throw the bouquet indoors either. You don’t want to be putting a standard overcoat or waterproof on for these important moments and having something designed to match your look means you don’t have to miss out!

Matt: If the weather’s really bad you’re not going to want to go out in it even if you have come prepared, and if the weather is not too bad you should be able to go out in it anyway, after all I’m sure the groom is more than willing to lend his bride his suit jacket to warm her up between photographs!

Dom: The weather really doesn’t matter on your day but guests will often comment to the bride “what a shame about the weather” which can feel like a real downer on the day. Showing the guests that you’re more than prepared and ready to embrace the day come rain or come shine means the weather is never brought up as an issue and helps the guests to embrace the weather too!

Matt: Not every dress will work with wellies or cloaks and furs. Choosing the dress should be an emotional choice – the one you fall in love with, not the one that’s simply practical for bad weather.

All weather bride vs Good weather bride Friday Fight-out

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Do you plan to be an all-weather-bride or will you be sticking strictly indoors if the weather isn’t quite as planned? Leave your comments to join the debate or simply place your vote in the poll below!

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