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The Devil’s in the details: The Groom

Dom Matt Pad Photo Video1Last week we started off a series of posts with a little advice for the morning of the wedding aimed squarely at the bride. This time it’s the groom’s turn as we take a look at all those little details that so often cause problems on the day and how to avoid them…




If your groomsmen are going to be getting ready with you in your room then make sure they take a shower before they come over as getting everyone through the shower takes a lot longer than you think!


Even if you’re normally a razor man we highly recommend using a decent electric shaver on the morning of the wedding, there’s nothing worse than getting yourself looking pristine and proper then getting a big cut on your face!


After giving those shoes a final polish make sure you bring the cloth and polish with you to the venue as there’s always a chance your shoes may get a little mucky if you’re going for some photographic portraits off the beaten track!

Ties and Pocket Squares 

Make sure you know what type of knot you want on your tie and what shape you want your pocket square to be before the big day and make sure you know how to do it! Also make sure you’ve told your groomsmen that information so you don’t have to spend your morning tying everyone’s tie for them!


Make sure you have a note of who is supposed to have one (particularly if it’s different from the others) and make sure you know how to secure them to your suits!

Checking out

If you’re getting ready in a different hotel to where you’re staying that night make sure you allow time to pack everything up and check out!


If your groomsmen or family members are travelling with you make sure you’ve worked out exactly how many seats you need in cars as so often there’s one seat short! Also have the number of a local taxi company on hand just in case!

Is The Room Big Enough?

If you’re inviting everyone to get ready in your room is there actually going to be enough room? Also is there air conditioning in the room? Otherwise it’s going to be getting warm and sweaty in those suits before you’ve even arrived at the ceremony!


Bring an iron with you just in case the hotel don’t have one to spare or you need more than one!


Make sure you have something suitable for the best man to carry the rings in that can actually fit in his pocket without leaving a huge bulge. A soft case that holds both rings is generally best. Oh, and don’t forget them!


Give your wallet to someone trustworthy to look after for you so that you don’t have bulging pockets affecting the look of your suit!


Make sure all the suppliers have your number and that your phone is accessible in the morning in case they need to contact you, or else give it to your best man or usher to look after and take any calls for you.


Your suit pockets will probably be sewn up and labels may also be stitched to the suit so make sure you have some scissors handy to cut any stitching safely without damaging the suit!


So bear these top tips in mind and you can make sure you’re all set and ready for the day in record time… in fact plenty of time to go get yourselves a pre-wedding pint!

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