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The Friday Fight-Out: Big Wedding Vs Small Wedding

Today we’re addressing the much discussed issue of whether size really matters and trying to decide which is the way to go: the big elaborate wedding with hundreds of guests or the small, intimate wedding with just your closest family and friends. Stepping into the ring to argue the points are our two champion debaters:

In the Red Corner, fighting today for the small, intimate wedding, she held a relatively small destination wedding herself yet in a slight Spanish mistranslation accidentally ordered enough cupcakes to feed an army, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for a much larger scale event (despite the fact that he himself is terrified of the idea of having to deliver a speech in front of hundreds rather than, say four, people, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”


Big Wedding Vs Small Wedding:


Dom: Sometimes the smaller weddings can be the most special – the ones where you really know and care about every single guest and they’re all ready to help out, have fun and truly make your day absolutely perfect.

Matt: But you can have a family get-together any time, your wedding day is THE day when you have the opportunity to get everyone you know and care about under the same roof and truly have an enormous celebration!

Dom: Big weddings can sometimes start to feel like they’re just about the guests and impressing and looking after them rather than celebrating what should be the happiest day of your lives. With a smaller wedding there’s less to worry about and you can go about really putting your personality into the day and have it the way you want it rather than the way 100 other people might want it.

Matt: But excluding people from your wedding can be very hurtful for them and even lead to broken friendships or awkward situations with co-workers. You may even have to stop people from bringing their partners in order to keep the size down which is a big ask. It’s much easier just to invite everyone and let them all enjoy your day with you.

Dom: Venue and catering are probably the biggest costs on an already expensive day and having a lot of people means more mouths to feed and a bigger space to accommodate them all which will increase your costs substantially… particularly if you were also planning a free bar! The amount of people you want to invite will also define what venue you can actually use and often the more intimate venues are the most beautiful!

Matt: That can work both ways though and if your wedding party is too small you may not be able to get the venue you want simply because you’re not going to be able to fill it, particularly if they work out the charges on a “per-head” basis where it may not be financially viable for the venue to accommodate your smaller wedding.

Dom: For the nervous public speakers worrying about the speech can really ruin the groom’s day and he’s much more likely to be worried about it if there are hundreds of people watching!

Matt: Big weddings often have an absolutely electric atmosphere, particularly in the evening where with so many people around everyone perhaps feels a little more anonymous and happier to shake some moves on the dance floor! With a smaller wedding it’s often harder to get people to cut loose and enjoy themselves for fear of being mocked by their friends.

Dom: Often though the opposite is true and guests are actually much more willing to have a laugh with some close friends than with a bunch of people they don’t know!

Matt: It may sound obvious but a bigger wedding FEELS bigger! It feels like a huge celebration worthy of the occasion, it feels amazing when all those people applaud you into the room and roar with laughter at the speeches. Going for a smaller wedding runs the risk of the day feeling a little more flat.


So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Leave your comments to join the debate and don’t forget to place your votes below!

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