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The Friday Fight-Out – Fireworks Vs Sky Lanterns

Welcome to another of our great big Friday Wedding Debates! This week we’re pitting two great ideas for the end of the night against one another, it’s – Fireworks Vs Sky Lanterns!

In the Red Corner, fighting with all of her notorious explosive temper (well it’s more like a slightly damp sparkler really but never mind) on the side of the fireworks, whilst trying to light a sky lantern at her own wedding she almost set fire to her dress… and her hair… and everyone else… and, oddly enough, a passing bat… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride

In the Blue Corner, fighting on behalf of Sky lanterns, he was once seriously considering specialising as a pyrotechnician for events before he realised just how many extra lines on the risk assessment you had to fill out before you’re allowed to blow stuff up, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

Fireworks Vs Sky Lanterns

Image by York Place Studios

Dom: Fireworks are truly spectacular and really do represent a stunning grand finale to the evening’s entertainment.

Matt: But we actually see firework displays quite a lot whereas Sky Lanterns are more rarely seen in the UK and can actually therefore seem even more special.

Dom: Sky lanterns are effectively big floating flames let off without any control and can easily start fires if they land on flammable material. The flames often get quite big and if not handled carefully enough (particularly when slightly inebriated at the end of the night) can lead to people getting burnt whilst trying to set them off!

Matt: (Such as the Bride burning her dress for example?) Fireworks are hardly safer though, particularly when put in the wrong (and perhaps slightly drunken) hands! They have the potential to do much more damage than sky lanterns if not handled carefully.

Dom: Fireworks are recognised as THE way to finish off major spectacular celebrations – we use them on New Years Eve, at the end of the Olympics, at the end of big concerts… they just have spectacular connotations!

Matt: But letting off Sky Lanterns is so much more sociable! Everyone can get involved and it’s something of a group activity, particularly when everyone’s trying to co-ordinate the release for a more spectacular effect! They’re great for bringing people together.

Dom: Fireworks have more of an air of excitement about them though – there’s the noise of them as well as the patterns which just seems so much more impressive.

Matt: But the noise can also cause problems as many areas will not let you fire fireworks after a certain time of night to avoid noise pollution. You want the fireworks/sky lanterns to finish the night, not be mid-way through the evening. Sky lanterns, on the other hand, can be let off at any time and can be much more spontaneous rather than being dependent on timings and conditions and so can really form the big ending to your night rather than something mid-way through the dancing!

Dom: Fireworks can make for some truly spectacular wedding photos with incredible explosions of colour, whereas sky lanterns don’t have quite the same impact.

Matt: Fireworks are very expensive if you’re looking to let off enough to make up a good display whereas sky lanterns can be picked up incredibly cheaply. You can also buy them to match your colour scheme and write messages on them in case anyone finds it in future!

Image by Ed Peers

So those are the arguments but where do you stand? Fireworks Vs Sky Lanterns – place your votes below or add  comment to join the debate!

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  • Michael {BohemianWeddings} - August 30, 2013 - 10:55 am

    You guys are funny, and so like us. I can imagine setting my beard a-light or Andrea ending up in a pond or hedge when attempting anything like this!

    I am deffo on the side of lanterns, although I love blowing things up unless the budget is really there for something pretty impressive I know I’d be disappointed. With lanterns what you see is what you get and there is nothing quite like watching people set one off and looking up in awe.

    P.S….Am I still allowed sparklers?ReplyCancel

  • Holly - September 1, 2013 - 1:18 pm

    Oh no I hate to rain on this parade of lanterns but there’s actually a very serious environmental risk with using them. In fact the RSPCA has launched a petition to ban them as they cause all manner of injuries and deaths to animals. You can read more about it here

    This is not to mention the fire risk, it was only a few weeks ago that a barn caught fire from a sky lantern. They travel for miles so you can’t control where they land and what chaos they might cause.
    As weddings are one of the main uses of sky lanterns I feel there ought to be an education of the dangers of sky lanterns to the environment to wedding parties.
    Please take the time to read the info in the link above and then if you agree please consider signing the petition calling for the ban of them and help safe the lives of lots of animals and reduce fire risk of crop fields and barns and woodlands.
    Let’s just have some sparklers or big candles or static lanterns!
    Holly xReplyCancel

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