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The Friday Fight-Out: Going Unplugged Vs #YourWedding

Today we’re stepping back into the ring once more to battle out between two completely opposing ideas: on the one side – going” unplugged” for your wedding with guests banned from taking photos or videos throughout the day and on the other embracing technology to the full and actively encouraging the guests to take and share their photos and videos as a community during the wedding through the use of custom websites and hashtags. So which of these two extremes is the right direction for you? Time to put it to the debate!



In the Red Corner, arguing the case for going unplugged although there’s nothing she loves more than trying to get a shot of the bride coming back down the aisle and finding that you are in fact taking a shot of someone’s iPad instead, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing for incorporating technology and social media into the wedding to make the most of it, he’s battling this side of the argument despite his desire to #KillAnyoneWhoUsesTheWordHashtagInAnActualSentenceOutLoud it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Going Unplugged Vs #YourWedding


Dom: We often find that guests spend so much time photographing their friends weddings that they don’t fully engage with the moment and see it with their own eyes! If your guests are going to see you get married through a digital screen you may as well just not have any guests and stream a live video online instead!

Matt: The fact is that these days our phones and tablets are never far from our side and we enjoy using them and sharing our experiences on Facebook etc. For some guests taking pictures and sharing your day online is part of the entertainment of the day and, if they’re going to do it anyway, you might as well provide a place to do it that allows you all to see and share!

Dom: If you’ve hired a professional photographer and videographer then there’s absolutely no reason for any of your guests to take photos or videos and they’re more likely to just get in the way of the photos you actually want! Often the photographer finds their shot blocked by a phone or iPad or find their attempts to get some intimate couple portraits ruined by the entourage of would-be photographers who join them and make the couple feel uncomfortable in front of so many cameras!

Matt: If your photographer/videographer is only providing a limited number of hours coverage then photos and videos from your guests can help fill in the blanks so that you have something to remember those parts of the day by, especially if you’re not having a professional at all!

Dom: More often than not all the photos taken by the guests are never even seen by the Bride and groom or the majority of the other guests so it’s rarely worth taking them in the first place!

Matt: It often takes photographers/videographers quite a long time to get the finished professional images to you and guest shots can help fill in the blanks in the meantime!

Dom: Weddings often take place in low-light environments meaning that guests cameras will be setting off flashes constantly through the day which are not only distracting but can again destroy the professionals photographs as it makes it virtually impossible to balance the light in the room correctly when catching other people’s flashes.

Matt: When you use something like a wedding hashtag to share all the images, taking the pictures becomes a fun activity at the wedding and one for everyone to enjoy! Various services are available that allow you to have a screen set up showing all the pictures live on the screen the second they’re shared on the hashtag and the results can sometimes be hilarious!

Dom: Good professional photographers have the knowledge and experience to get the balance right between being in the right place to get the best shot and not being too obtrusive and interfering with the events in front of them. Guests simply don’t have this experience and many a time we’ve seen guests standing in the middle of the aisle during the ceremony to get their shot or block half the guests from seeing the speeches by standing in the wrong place – it’s incredibly distracting for the bride and groom and detrimental rather than an enhancement to the day.

Matt: Guests tend to be able to capture a very different type of photograph from the official photographer because those around them are more happy to be daft and silly in front of a fellow guest’s camera than in front of a pro. Sometimes the guest photos, particularly in the evening, are the most relaxed and fun images of the day, particularly if the official photographer has a more formal style.

Those are our arguments but where do you stand? Place a vote or leave a comment to join the debate! Go on, you know you want to!

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