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The Friday Fight-Out: Hair and Makeup – Pro Vs DIY

Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day and when it comes to organising hair and makeup many brides choose to bring in the professionals to add a little glamour to the occasion. But is it really necessary to have a professional to help you achieve your perfect look or is it best for the blushing bride to become the “blusher bride”? See what we did there? Yeah I know, we’re sorry, it is Friday, cut us some slack! Anyway, time to put this one into battle!


In the Red Corner, arguing FOR bringing in a professional to help you achieve your perfect hair and makeup style ready for the wedding, in fact she very nearly brought one all the way over to the canaries for her own destination wedding but eventually had to settle for having makeup testers in pretty much every department store in the UK instead, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, cowering in fear of retaliation from his many hair and makeup artist friends and eager to remind everyone that we always fight these battles impartially, presenting the strongest arguments we possibly can for our allocated side regardless of whether they represent our views or not… no really… please stop pointing that eyeliner at me… it’s Matt “The (most definitely in the case of makeup) Gormless Groom”

Hair and Makeup – Pro Vs DIY


Dom: It’s nice to do something a little different on your wedding day and make sure you’re looking your absolute best. A professional hair and makeup artist can guide you in what will work for you and make sure that everything is absolutely perfect using all their skill and expertise.

Matt: But surely your wedding day is a celebration of who you are and whilst of course you want to look beautiful in your dress, doing something completely different from how you would normally look seems to defy the whole point. Applying your own makeup the way you do day in day out but perhaps spending a little more time on it to perfect your signature look is surely a better way to go.

Dom: But when you’re nervous and anxious on your wedding morning and your mind is racing worrying about what you’ve forgotten to do, carefully applying your own makeup isn’t as easy as you might think! When brides are looking after their own hair and makeup they often leave it to the last minute rather than getting it done when the professional asks for them which can cause problems, and there’s always the possibility you might have a bit of a shaky hand if you’re nervous!

Matt: It might not be that easy to find a hair and makeup artist whose style you like and whilst many will do a makeup trial beforehand when trusting it to someone else there’s always the possibility they’ll do something you don’t like.

Dom: With a professional present your hair and makeup is just something you don’t need to worry about – you don’t need to be concerned about getting the look right or practicing profusely in the lead up to the day, you don’t need to worry about forgetting the curlers or losing your brushes, you can just leave everything in their hands knowing that whatever happens they have the skill and experience to cope with it.

Matt: But one of the big concerns for any bride is what if the suppliers are delayed or for some reason don’t get there. Whilst all true professionals build in contingency time there’s always a possibility that something could go wrong and for some brides that makes adding an extra supplier more of a concern than a blessing

Dom: On your wedding day you want to be well and truly pampered, after all this is your big day and you might as well make the most of it! It’s so much nicer to spend the morning relaxed and being looked after rather than running around trying to get everything done.

Matt: Hair and makeup artists are an additional expense on what is already a rather pricey day! If you’re on a limited budget perhaps it might be more sensible to allocate the money elsewhere.

Dom: Trying to get your own hair and makeup just perfect can be very time consuming and you’re bound to make a few mistakes. A professional knows exactly what to do and will get the job done to the same or higher standards much quicker, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your day.

Matt: But if you have lots of ladies all wanting to have their hair and makeup done and only one pro makeup artist present it can take an awful lot of time to get through everyone which could lead to delays or having to rush the makeup. If everyone is looking after their own hair and makeup (or even assisting with each other’s) surely that would mean you could get it done in far less time.

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join the debate or place your vote below!

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