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The Friday Fight-Out: Kids Table Vs Kids at the Tables

Children can be great fun at weddings and set a lovely family feel to your big day. Undoubtedly though there are times when their desire to play and be involved can unfortunately be a little distracting. One such time is the wedding breakfast where kids inevitably either scoff their food down quickly and then want to play or worse refuse their food entirely… so they can play. Most of the time this isn’t a huge problem but when you have lots of children in attendance it can sometimes mean a little disruption to the meal. One commonly used solution to this is having a kids table so that all the children are in one place, but is the kids table the way to go or not?

Time to find out!


In the Red Corner, fighting for the kids table, although being a self-professed big kid herself she may end up being the tallest one at the table… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”.

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the kids to join the adults at the main tables, that way he gets to play lego and pretend it’s for the kids benefit… it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Kids Table Vs Kids at the Tables

Dom: Some of the guests may not like having to sit near children during their meal as they may feel they have to make the effort to entertain them and not be able to kick back and enjoy more grown up conversations.

Matt: But for kids who are a little more shy they might be upset by having to sit away from their parents and talk to children they don’t know.

Dom: Most children will get along fine though and it can be a lot more fun for them to play with each other and mess around rather than having to sit politely and be quiet on an adult table!

Matt: But leaving kids on a table of their own can get very messy very fast and you could quickly end up with a riot on your hands!

Dom: But you can always have someone assigned to supervising the kids table or parents can take it in turns to supervise so that everyone gets a chance to relax and not worry about the children for at least a little while!

Matt: For the parents it can be much more distracting having their kids sitting further away from them and not necessarily being able to see what they’re doing and check they’re ok.

Dom: Kids tables can look really cool and you can fill them with kids decorations and activity packs and all sorts of fun things for them to play with without spoiling all the decorations on the main tables.

Matt: When the kids sit apart from their parents you can’t be sure they’ve actually eaten their meals which can mean they’ll be stroppy later on and be much more of a distraction than they would have been had their parents been with them to make sure they’ve eaten.

Dom: Kids love getting to feel like grown ups and having their own table that they can feel some possession over can be really lovely for them.

Matt: The kids are all likely to be quite different ages though and older kids might not want to play with younger ones so who do you assign to the kids table and will anyone not included on that table feel left out?

So those are our arguments but where do you stand? Join the debate in our comments sections or simply place your vote in our poll below!

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