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The Friday Fight-Out: Confetti Vs Bubbles

This week’s Friday Fight-Out represents perhaps one of the most important, life-altering decisions that you will need to make in preparation for the biggest day of your life. That’s right, it’s the dreaded Confetti Vs Bubbles debate!

In the Red Corner, the big kid in the corner representing bubbles, she once bought a bubble machine for the studio for “baby shoots” yet even when no shoots had been booked in the machine was always suspiciously empty… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner representing confetti (god that makes him sound macho!), whilst working on a theatre show he once accidentally fired a confetti cannon right across the stage and the auditorium mere seconds before the show was to open, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

Confetti Vs Bubbles

Dom: Bubbles are lots of fun for the guests, particularly the kids who often then keep hold of them and enjoy them all day long!

Matt: Confetti is the tradition! It’s what’s always been done – you don’t go outside for the blowing of the bubbles, you go out for the confetti!

Dom: But that makes bubbles all the more fun! They’re quirky, they’re different, they’re a little bit more funky!

Matt: Confetti is so much more colourful and really makes a big, bold impact! Bubbles are basically see-through so are less likely to make a big impression, particularly in the photos!

Dom: Confetti makes such a mess everywhere! A lot of churches won’t even allow you to throw confetti in the grounds because it takes so long to clear up so you end up with your big confetti moment being halfway down the street rather than as you exit the church! Bubbles on the other hand can be blown anywhere, inside and out!

Matt: Bubbles may be able to be blown anywhere but only if the conditions are right! They don’t really work in the wind or in the rain, and if it’s freezing cold outside you’re more likely to be trying to blow icicles than any bubbles! You may be more limited in terms of locations but confetti pretty much works first time wherever you decide to throw it!

Dom: It’s not just the general surroundings that confetti makes a mess of though! The bride and groom sometimes end up spending ages picking bits of paper out of their clothes and if it’s wet then the dye in the paper can run and ruin that beautiful white dress!

Matt: Bubbles can easily get in people’s eyes or end up smudging the Bride’s makeup! (Or the groom’s makeup of course, this is an unbiased debate after all!) The last thing you want is for the happy couple to be blindly stumbling down the aisle with mascara all over their faces!

Dom: Filling the air with bubbles means they will stick around for a while and be around for the whole exit of the bride and groom. Mistime the confetti shot and you can ruin the whole impact!

Matt: Bubbles take forever to blow, confetti is always fast. In fact you can even get a confetti cannon or smaller handheld cannons and have a massive confetti explosion which always looks brilliant.

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Place your vote or leave your comment below!

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