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The Friday Fight-Out: Valentines Proposals Vs Any Other Date (Revisited)

Well folks, tomorrow is Valentines day, one of the most romantic days in the calendar and consequently (according to certain surveys) one of the most popular for marriage proposals. So, to aid those considering a valentines proposal, we thought we’d revisit the topic of whether the Valentines proposal was a good idea or not and put it once again to the debate…

Valentines Proposal Vs Any Other Date

DISCLAIMER: If you’re definitely planning on proposing tomorrow then congratulations, you’re absolutely doing the right thing… there’s really no need to read on here!


In the Red Corner, disagreeing with the stats and fighting against the valentines proposal, well she did have to wait that long for a proposal from her ‘gormless groom’ that limiting the options to just one day would have made it even worse… it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the valentines day proposal although he actually proposed on Christmas eve which is apparently the date most men think is ideal… man he’s cliché! it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”



Dom: Valentines day proposals are considered by some to be little bit cheesy and you wouldn’t want the person you’re proposing to to be thinking that way and be disappointed with your proposal as a result…

Matt: But valentines day is supposed to be a day set aside to celebrate love and romance… surely that’s the best possible day to make such a romantic commitment!

Dom: But your proposal is a romantic enough day to celebrate in itself! Whilst I appreciate you and fellow members of your gender may be unaware of this it is actually possible to have more than one day of romance per year!

Matt: I’m almost certain there was a subtle dig in there somewhere… anyway it may be possible to have more than one special date but it’s a lot easier to remember them if they’re all combined into one!

Dom: You’d think wouldn’t you. But isn’t it more special to remember the day you proposed as a day that was truly yours rather than one that is already special to half the world?

Matt: Your date will always be your date and be special to the two of you, but choosing a date that may already have great significance to the two of you like valentines day can help to make it extra special – a day already filled with memories throughout your relationship.

Dom: Valentines Day isn’t really a day of romance though, it’s a made-up holiday that happened to catch on!

Matt: Aren’t all holidays made up to some extent though? Whether you believe it was the date of the birth of Christ or the date of the winter solstice or just a day that was chosen through convenience, we all decided to celebrate christmas in the way we do so isn’t it just as valid to choose a day to celebrate something that intrinsically affects everyone to some extent – love?

Dom: Your partner is more likely to be expecting a proposal on valentines day, taking away some of that amazing element of surprise that can make a proposal even more special.

Matt: But if your partner’s expecting a valentines proposal do you really want to let them down?

So those are our thoughts but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join the debate or simply place your votes in our weekly poll below!

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