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The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Videos – Full Speeches & Ceremony Vs Highlights Only

Wedding Videography has gone through major changes in the last few years and whereas before it was all about setting up a camera at the back of the church, hitting record and presenting the full recording to the bride and groom, nowadays it tends to be much more about showing highlighted coverage of the full day. However many videographers do offer full coverage of the speeches and ceremony in addition to their highlights films so that you have these important parts of the day in full as separate films in their own right. But is it necessary to have the full coverage or will highlights suffice? Time to find out!


In the Red Corner, arguing FOR having the additional full speech and ceremony coverage, as a regular attendee of weddings she loves seeing all the little moments that happen during these key parts of the day, particularly the groom’s reaction to the best man speech! It’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, arguing AGAINST full recording of the speeches and ceremony, he also loves the speeches and ceremony but as a videographer himself is less excited about the prospect of editing all the footage afterwards, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Wedding Videos – Full Speeches & Ceremony Vs Highlights Only



Dom: Whilst highlights films are a great way to show you the full day there are inevitably going to be details that just don’t fit into the edit. Having the ceremony and speeches recorded in full means that you’re not going to miss anything during these really important parts of the day.

Matt: Highlights films are designed to inspire your own perfect memories of the event and show you all of the best and most important moments of the speeches and ceremony. Sometimes having the event in full actually has a slightly detrimental effect on your memory of the day because they show the things that went wrong, they include the bit where you said the wrong thing , they show everything warts and all.

Dom: When producing speech & ceremony coverage these days most videographers use multiple camera angles and top quality sound equipment so that the speech and ceremony films are edited together in an interesting way and are really enjoyable to watch.

Matt: When producing highlights films many videographers like to record quite a wide range of shots during the ceremony and speeches to capture lots of reactions and little moments that go on aside from the people speaking which requires a little bit of movement to get the best shots. However if recording the speeches and ceremony in full (depending on the size of the team) they are likely to no longer have the freedom to move as they need a continuous shot which can impair the quality and range of shots that they can include in the highlights film.

Dom: Often key family members or friends are for one reason or another unable to attend the wedding, but if you’re able to share a full video of the speeches and ceremony as well as highlights taken throughout the day then they at least don’t miss out on seeing anything.

Matt: Having the speeches and ceremony recorded in full is likely to add a lot of extra cost to hiring your videographer as this requires a lot of additional editing time as well as extra equipment to make sure they have everything covered.

Dom: Often the speakers themselves (as well as the couple during the ceremony) are so nervous that they don’t necessarily listen to everything fully on the day itself (particularly any speeches before their own!) Having the videos to look back on means they can see it properly, often more or less for the first time.

Matt: Whilst the highlights films are something most couples watch over and over again, speeches and ceremony videos tend only to be watched once in a blue moon so it’s worth considering whether it’s worth the extra expense.


So those are our points but where do you stand? Leave a comment to join in the debate or simply place your vote in our poll below!

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