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Grooming the Groom – Suits

Bride Vs Groom, Wedding BlogHello and thanks for joining me at Grooming the Groom, the place where we ladies are going to transform our grooms into the handsome, suave (Don Draper style) man of our dreams!

Erm….Hello?!!! Are you somehow insinuating that I am in some way not as dapper as Don Dra… Is THAT why you are addicted to Mad Men??!!……oh and 24 …and …..ok I’ll be quiet now!Bride Vs Groom, Wedding Blog

Excellent, yes as I was saying our men sometimes need a little help in the style department so each week I am going to be finding the most dazzling suits, cufflinks, shoes, ties and so much more so that we can give our men a gentle nudge in the right direction… Ok  maybe a heaving great shove in the right direction!

So ladies if your man isn’t getting the style quite right (socks and sandals.. ring a bell?!) then prepare to slyly leave your laptop open on the right page and let’s see if we can talk any sense into them…. Or if there still is no-one home then my suggestion… go shopping yourself! (Purely for their own good you understand… and possibly for some shiny new shoes whilst we’re at it…)

Now, when it comes to shopping for grooms I don’t have much of a clue at the moment either; there is just so much choice! Where on earth do we begin?! There are so many different suits to consider: Colours…blue, grey, bluey grey, white, black, slate…. Styles: tailored, waistcoated, tails, tuxedo, dinner, edwardian, lounge, highland, morning… Material: linen, velvet, wool.. theme.. classic, modern, vintage… Arrrrgggghhhh!!! Cue head exploding!

So…I have spent my days trawling the internet to help us in our quest for the perfect suit. As it happens, along the way I’ve found some pretty darn perfect men in suits too!  Yup that’s work Matt…definitely… hard work  😉


 Mmmmm what a lush…er… jacket!

I love the style of this suit, the matching waistcoat and jacket work perfectly together


Ooooh I love a good bow tie! Very swish and quirky!

The short white shirt with the bow tie and braces is a great combination.


Another example of using a short white shirt, I love the use of the grey tie.

A classic, sexy look.


A wheat coloured three piece cotton suit.

Very flattering, easy on the eye and I love the use of the light blue short shirt and dark tie underneath.

Gorgeous combo!

The best wedding suits for Grooming the groom!

Wow! love the super bright tie and the checkered shirt with the brown waistcoat.

Also, I know I shouldn’t stray from subject …but how cute is that boutonniere!

Wedding suits - Grooming the Groom

Whoah…that is bright!

A bit too bright for my Matt but I’m sure the right groom could give it a great home.


Gorgeous.. the suit.. I mean… 😉

A big fan of the grey waistcoat it would appear and the rolled up sleeves. YUM


Be still my beating heart …. oh I do love a Mad Men inspired collection!

The 1960s suit with matching hat is delicious and so of the moment.

And so it is with regret that I finish this post for today, but do not despair lovely ladies I will be back next week with more delicious men in suits and the male bits and bobs that they need! … Perhaps I shouldn’t be using the phrase “male bits” on this particular post… sorry I seem to have lost my trail of thought! Ah yes, if you need a fix before then you can check out our Pinterest page with lots, lots more men… ahem SUITS, yes of course, just about the suits….. Now, wheres my Mad Men box set? Ahhhhh Mr Draper have you missed me?


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