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The Friday Fight-Out Revisited: Marquee Vs Teepee

This week we thought it was time we took another look at a topic it’s a long time since we last visited: the wedding teepee vs the wedding marquee. Both venues can be set up pretty much anywhere you need them and provide plenty of space for any number of guests but which is the better way to go? Let’s see if we can find out!


In the Red Corner, she can’t get enough of capturing weddings beneath the canvas folds so arguing for the rustic Teepee it’s Dom ” The Tog” Bride

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the great British Marquee, as a former events lighting and sound technician he’s worked in more than his fair share of them it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”

Marquee Vs Teepee


Dom: Teepees just look so cool! Marquees are lovely but have become relatively common and used for a variety of purposes. How often do you see a huge Teepee in everyday life?! As soon as guests see it they’re always blown away – it provides a great talking point to get the reception started!

Matt: Marquees are basically a blank canvas to allow you to create whatever look you want. They can be laid out and added to in various formats and accessorised inside and out. They offer a huge amount of flexibility to create whatever design you’d like whereas a teepee really creates one standard look.

Dom: But the lesser need for decoration is one of the huge advantages! The Teepee itself is so dramatic that you don’t need to spend a long time trying to create a certain style and they can also be joined in different formats to create the size you require. Without decoration and nice lining a marquee does just look like a tent and needs a lot of work to make it special.

Matt: Marquees are extremely strong and can support a surprising amount of weight. This means that you can do some very elaborate lighting in a marquee and make it look really amazing. In fact, having lit lots of marquees there are actually more useful hanging points than in most permanent structures so they’re one of the best in this regard!

Dom: Teepees do offer nice lighting options too though! The ones I’ve been in tend to have a circle of lights in each of the cylindrical roofs, also helping to light up the canvas and make it look even more dramatic at night.

Matt: Marquees can have windows! In fact you can replace entire walls (and even the roof!) with window panels if you prefer, allowing you to make best use of natural light and to really enjoy your surroundings! Teepees don’t tend to have this option and rely more heavily on artificial light and large openings which let the heat out!

Dom: But Teepees compensate for any loss of heat with a nice roaring feature fire in the middle, something I’ve never seen in a marquee as it’s only possible due to the teepee shape!

Matt: If you’re looking for the garden party style wedding then the classic marquee is the look to go for! The teepee is a very rustic look and fits a particular style of wedding where the marquee’s flexibility makes for a more generic venue.

Dom: Despite their dramatic appearance Teepees somehow fit beautifully into the natural environment around them. The canvas colour and traditional design feel very rustic and it can look more in tune with its surroundings than a big white marquee.

Matt: Teepees seem to be generally quite a bit more expensive than Marquees to hire and so, along with the cost of hiring wherever the teepee is to be located, will definitely have a major impact on your budget.

So what do you think? Marquee vs Teepee: place your vote below!

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