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The Monday Musings: When Did I Become a Camera Geek?

Matt The Cinematographer1I’ve always been interested in technology, not least in my many years working as a theatre technician where utilising technology and finding technological solutions to problems was a huge part of my job. I would always read up on the latest theatrical innovations and also look at wider technology to try to predict the way the industry was moving and look at where we should be investing. Ask any of my friends and they would tell you I am most definitely a lighting geek…

But recently I realised a strange thing had happened. During a surprisingly in-depth conversation with Dom and my brother-in-law Liam Dom suddenly labelled me with the same title previously afforded only to Liam: “You two are such camera geeks!”

Now Dom and I have been together pretty much since we were 17 and in that time I’ve stared blankly on during many a conversation between these photographic partners about some new camera they’re considering or that other photographers have started using. When it came to cameras I pretty much looked at how many megapixels it had and when talk began of a new “prime“ lens I naturally assumed they wanted to order a lens from Amazon with rapid delivery. In fact lenses were perhaps the most confusing aspect as I dealt with lenses on theatrical lanterns on a daily basis using similar but completely different meaning language.

Yet suddenly I find myself joining in conversations about cameras, lenses and accessories with a level of knowledge I genuinely didn’t know I had, particularly when I suddenly realise I’m the one who started the conversation in the first place. Where once I was flipping through articles on the latest lighting desks to hit the market I realise I’m suddenly finding myself reading up on the latest camera rumours and scouring youtube for reviews on lenses. Indeed whilst Dom was clearly pleased when she was able to start talking to me about photography on more level terms I’m becoming concerned that she’s only now realising how geeky I really can get on a subject. My talk of my excitement over a new camera release, previously met with a look of pleasure that she could now talk to me about such subjects, has gradually turned to a look that says “I wish he’d stop banging on about that bloomin’ camera…”

Never was this more true than this week when Dom and Liam added a new (and rather beautiful) camera to their toolset and were quickly forced to remove it from my proximity before I drooled on it. So it turns out I might not just be a lighting geek, or indeed a camera geek but just a geek in general… ah well, at least I’m a geek with access to pretty cameras!

Camera Geek

Source: Canon 40D Poster

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