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Monday Musings – The “Off” Season

matt-avatar WhitenedWell, that magical time of year is upon us once again, the time when, if you watch those autumn leaves scattered across the floor carefully enough you might just be lucky enough to witness one of nature’s most awesome sights: the gentle rustle amongst the foliage, the snap of a twig and all of a sudden there they are: the wedding photographer slowly emerging from their summer hibernation ready to greet the world outside of weddings once again.

Now if you should be so lucky as to witness this special event the advice from the RSPCP (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Photographers) is clear: namely be sure not to startle them. Whilst things by this point have normally slowed down for them enough to be able to occasionally make an appearance in public (thanks mostly to their natural winter migration patterns generally taking them to bars and their need to stock up on alcohol again in preparation for the busier times ahead), still there will always be work to be done back in their nest and, if they become spooked they may well simply disappear back to their editing chambers and not be seen until their next wedding.

In fact the reality for many wedding photographers (and videographers) is that despite the number of weddings themselves now having eased off slightly, there is still much work to be done completing the editing all those that have already taken place, making up albums and generally sorting out all those little tasks and marketing adjustments that there simply wasn’t time for during the prime wedding season summer months. For those under the impression that wedding photographers only work one day a week, the reality is somewhat different.

So if you do happen to come across a lost and wandering wedding photographer sneaking out into urban areas and looking lost and confused, approach them slowly (ideally with alcohol in hand to lure them in) give them a big hug and whatever you do don’t mention weddings to them or you may never see them again. The off season has begun.


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