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A Photographers Thoughts: Why Photographer’s Might Not Always Be That Pinterested

dom the tog bride finalone2Pinterest and the creation of inspiration boards can be fantastic tools when putting together your wedding. There are so many amazing ideas out there which can help to inspire you to create your own perfect big day from dress ideas to decorative details to helping you to choose the type of venue you really want for your big day. In fact Pinterest can even help you to find the style of wedding photographer that you really love.

Pinterest and other similar services provide an unbelievably wide variety of wedding images all in one place for you to look through. If you’re unsure what sort of wedding photographs are really out there or indeed what style of pictures you really like then Pinterest is a great place to start. You can use it to investigate the different styles, find pictures that you really connect with and then (even if the photographer that took the image in the first place is unavailable) use that new-found understanding when looking through other photographer’s portfolios to help you find someone whose images you really connect with. There are so many wedding photographers out there that having the chance to narrow down the field can be incredibly helpful and in finding the style of photography you love, whether that be documentary, contemporary, editorial or any of the multitude of styles out there, can only be a good thing.

unnamedIt’s important to remember though that whilst Pinterest can provide you with a rough idea of the style you are looking for, each photographer will have their own ideas about the actual images they produce for you on the day. Photographers are often influenced by their contemporaries and use others images to help inspire them within their own work, but that’s a very different thing to recreating another photographer’s work. Presenting your photographer with an inspiration board of another photographer’s work in most cases only going to make them wonder why you didn’t book the other photographer in question and help to stifle rather than enhance their creativity as they attempt to see the world through someone’s eyes other than their own.

Another approach sometimes taken by couples is to build a Pinterest board of their photographer’s own images that they particularly like and want to have their own version of. Whilst this is certainly more reassuring to the photographer than being told you really love someone else’s work rather than their own, for many photographers this too can also impair rather than help. The images a photographer captures on the day should be based on you and your personalities and influenced by the light, the setting, the way you and your guests interact with one another. Those images you’ve chosen for your inspiration board worked on that day with that couple in that situation at that precise moment. Now is the time for you to create your own moments, your own magical shots that truly reflect you as a couple.

So by all means get pinning away as you start to plan your perfect day, in fact we highly recommend it as an inspirational tool! But just remember, once it has helped you to narrow down the photographer that’s right for you it’s time to let them worry about working with you to create the unbelievable images that the next bride pins to her own incredible inspiration board. Otherwise you might just find that your photographer isn’t all that Pinterested in what you want to show them.

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