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Story Frames and the Weekly Round-Up

This week’s Story Frame is… yeah ok it’s us again! We’ll fill you in on the full story of this frame when we return from our wedding but for now we wanted to share it because we’re getting married in two days and frankly it’s just an awesome picture that we love, made particularly special by the fact it’s by our very own brilliant photographer (and soon to be my brother in law) Liam Shaw.

Isn’t it awesome! This one’s hot off the press so we’ll show you some more when they’re finished, but thanks to Liam for making us look so great!

The Weekly Round-Up

Well this is it! In the next week’s Round-up we’ll be able to tell you all about our wedding! We’re incredibly excited about it, but for now you’ll just have to make do with this week’s build-up posts and our usual advice from the experts! Let’s see what’s been happening…

On Monday I shared this groom’s thoughts on my final week of single life in the Monday Musings. OMG THIS ONE’S A CORKER! OMG I USED BOTH OMG AND THE WORD ‘CORKER’ IN A SENTENCE… WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME? AND WHY AM I STILL WRITING IN CAPITALS??? SERIOUSLY STOP NOW!!

That’s better, anyway on Tuesday the casebook of Paddington Holmes was opened as a strange object arrived at Baker Street… But could Holmes’ intrigued yet inept sidekick solve this particular riddle? Find out in The Mysterious Case of the Mysterious Case!

On Wednesday the peeved-off Groom ranted… a lot… about luggage and planes and weird rules. Honestly, it’s really quite annoying! We’d like to offer the following warning to anyone sharing a flight with us: This Plane Is Made Out of Paper!

Helen Guy was back on Thursday with her fortnightly post this time focussing, rather appropriately, on honeymoon hair and makeup! Well… you want to keep looking your best for a little while after the wedding right? And hopefully he’s taking you out somewhere glamorous…

The Friday Fight-Out this week had a special guest debater in the form of… “the happy groom?! What the hell kind of surreal nonsense is this? Ah well, if you’re a groom and are unsure how involved t o get in the planning stages then this may be the post for you!

And finally on Saturday we showed you how to separate your chilled salad forks from your steak knives ready for even the poshist wedding breakfast with a brilliant Simply Bridal infographic!

So that’s it for this week and now the most exciting week of our lives begins! We’ll be updating the blog wherever possible but if you don’t hear from us every day you’ll know why!! So thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the other side!

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