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The Friday Fight-Out – Happy Groom Vs Gormless Groom

This week our “Tog” Bride is rather too preoccupied to have a fight, a subject that ironically we fought about. Tsk… these brides… you’d think she was getting married next week or something! So anyway this week’s fight is brought to you by the dual personality that, with only days to go until the wedding, seems to be arising within me. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Friday Fight-Out All Groom Smackdown!

Tonight: The Happy Groom Vs The Gormless Groom.

In the Red corner, figuratively bursting with joy and getting excited about the wedding, he’s definitely been a recent emergence but has won a few recent blog post mindset battles, it’s The Happy Groom.

In the Red corner as well (it’s only a dual personality within the psyche, you can’t physically be in opposite corners…) but using a blue font regardless, he’s been grumbling since the day after he proposed, is after the easy life and has no interest whatsoever in sorting out a wedding, it’s The Gormless Groom

Well this is gonna be weird…


Happy: A wedding is an amazing occasion. It’s the one chance you get to have a day that’s just about you and your partner doing celebrating with people you love, like or occasionally barely know but you bumped into them in the pub whilst drunk and somehow they ended up invited. You should enjoy every bit of it, including the build-up!

Gormless: But it’s just soooo much effort!! There’s so many different things to think about and I don’t understand at least half of them! Plus going round venues and stuff seems to always happen on a Saturday when the footy’s on! I mean seriously, you want me to look at place cards when Man Utd are playing Liverpool??!!

Happy: Getting involved in all the planning and build up to the wedding makes the day all the more rewarding when it arrives! It’s also just a great thing to do with your partner and helps bring you closer together!

Gormless: But it also leaves you stressed, broke and getting the silent treatment half the time for not being excited enough about that piece of wood she saw that’d look great in front of the bandstand you didn’t know you were having… sometimes it’s easier just not to know!

Happy: If you dive in and get involved you get to have some level of control over how much of your hard earned cash is going to be spent!

Gormless: Not in my experience you don’t!

Happy: What if I said that at the end of the day you can reward yourself for all the planning with a nice glass of whisky…

Gormless: Oh believe me, most of the time I’ve been STARTING my day with a good glass of whisky as a kind of money-spending sedative!

Happy: It makes her happy.

Gormless: Ah yes… but so do M&M’s!

Happy: You’re a miserable bugger as it turns out aren’t you! I’m sure you’re normally more philosophical about this stuff!

Gormless: Well normally I’m half you and there’s some sort of balance… stop being so bloomin’ happy!!


Happy: Has this gotten slightly too surreal?

Gormless: Almost certainly… Whisky?

Happy: Deal!

Ah, united in happiness at last! I think the message for any grooms embarking on the wedding planning journey really though is to dive in and enjoy it… you’re only going to do it once! Oh, and put aside a sizeable chunk of your budget for whisky…

You’re going to need it!

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