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The Friday Fight-Out: Unusual Locations – Forest Vs Beach Wedding

After Wednesday’s post about the pre-wedding wedding and the freedom in choice of venue that completing the legalities before the wedding itself can offer we got to thinking about what type of venue we might choose if we were to hold a less orthodox wedding. But when your “Tog Bride” and “Gormless Groom” get into discussion about something you know what happens next:

This week: Unusual Venues – Forest Vs Beach Wedding

In the Red Corner, making the case for a rustic wedding in the forest, probably because she secretly sneaks a copy ofThe Enchanted Wood inside her photography books so she can pretend to be doing some research whilst dreaming of magical woodlands, it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the beachside wedding, he grew up by the beaches of Sunny Scarborough so is probably thinking he could make an entrance by arriving on the back of a beach donkey, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.

Forest Vs Beach Wedding

Image by York Place Studios

Dom: A woodland wedding is so idillic – getting married surrounded by nature and life, it’s like something out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Imagine walking through the beautiful woodlands to find a beautiful clearing with all your guests and your groom awaiting – it’s just perfect!

Matt: Everyone loves a day at the beach – what better place to have a wedding?! Getting married with the waves gently lapping in the background in front of the cliff tops – sounds pretty spectacular to me!

Dom: If it’s a sunny day the forest offers some lovely shade from the sun, a little cover should the rain start to fall and also protection from the wind – on a beach you’re completely exposed to the elements.

Matt: But if it’s been rainy the day before it doesn’t matter on a beach but your forest setting could be left as little more than a bog!

Dom: You can create such a cool theme for a forest wedding and as well as the natural surroundings you could put your own stamp on it too – like paper lanterns hanging from trees, little signs, that kind of thing. You could make it very Bohemian have flowers in your hair, walk barefoot through the forest – how beautiful!

Matt: But a seaside themed wedding could be really cool! Think deck-chairs, fish & chips, ice cream and donkey rides! And getting married in front of the sea – how spectacular!

Dom: Spectacular until the tide comes in and washes your celebrations away that is…

Matt: Most people don’t get to visit the seaside all that often, it’s a lovely opportunity for all of your guests to enjoy a bit of a holiday, and the summer always feels more tropical when you’re on the beach, something that will help your wedding to stand out!

Dom: The forest is a stunning place for photographs – soft dappled light, incredible colours, different landscapes… the beach is more of an empty expanse – great for a while but with fewer different options.

Matt: If you’re going to have lots of kids at your wedding then the beach is the perfect place to keep them entertained all day long! Just make sure you stock up on buckets and spades!

The Friday Fight-Out Forest Vs Beach Wedding

Image by York Place Studios

So those are our points but we’d love for you to come join the debate! Which way would you go? You can leave your vote or your comment below!

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