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The Friday Fight-Out: Wedding Cakes – Handmade Vs Pro-made!

As I write this intro I’m waiting for Dom to finish getting her hair cut so we can go for dinner, and despite the usual promises that it would be really quick and she wasn’t having much done I’ve now been waiting long enough to gnaw my own arm off. The result of this is two things: firstly I’m definitely in the mood for a Friday Fight-Out and secondly I am mostly thinking about cake! So here we go with a great big cakey food-fight:

Wedding Cakes: Home-made Vs Pro-made

In the Red Corner, possibly selecting this side after a catering professional managed rather unfortunately to ignore our own baker’s wedding cake storage instructions and melt it completely, (fortunately not until after the wedding) it’s Dom “The Tog Bride”

In the Blue Corner, fighting the more expensive side for the first time ever but to be honest pretty much happy with whoever gives him cake as long as he gets cake! He’s leaning toward the professional side mostly so he can enjoy a few more “tasting sessions”, it’s Matt “The Gormless Groom”.


Photo by Ed Peers

Dom: Making the cake (or cupcakes) yourselves, or better yet when a friend or loved one offers to make them it’s such a lovely personal touch. It’s also an amazing present from the person making them for you and a really special thing!

Matt: Making cakes on a big scale is very different from just making a normal one at home. With a professional you can relax and know that your cake will be absolutely perfect rather than it being one more thing to worry about!

Dom: If you’re on a tight budget then making the cake yourself is one way you can bring down your costs a little.

Matt: Whilst of course it’s perfectly possible to make a really nice cake at home, professional cake-makers are masters of the craft and know exactly how to bake an amazing cake that’s really extra special!

Dom: If you save some money by baking the cake yourselves you have more left over to get an amazing cake topper instead, perhaps even to a custom design to wow the guests!

Matt: Professionals can make incredibly intricate designs and have all the facilities to put them together – designs that would almost certainly be impossible for an amateur to design and execute,

Dom: Professionals are most likely to be making a lot of different cakes each week and in order to make sure everything’s ready they have to make things in advance, so your cake is likely to be less fresh on the day than if you’d made it yourselves!!

Matt: On a practical level it’s incredibly difficult to bake cakes on a large scale. Think of all the oven space you’d need! Professionals are properly setup to cover all of the preparations and ensure a quality result.

Dom: When you’re not limited by price you can have  more freedom over the kinds of cake you want – you could even make lots of different cakes of varying shapes and sizes! Perfect for a DIY themed wedding!

Matt: Pro cake makers are highly creative and have masses of technical know-how. They can create layers of flavour, know exactly what to use to achieve both the right look and the right taste and can guarantee a pristine finish and a high-impact cake!

Photo by Ed Peers

Ok all this is doing now is making me think more about eating cake, so whilst I head to the nearest baker it’s time for you to decide where you stand on the great cake debate! Join the debate in the comments section, on our Facebook page or via Twitter!

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