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The Friday Fight-out – Wedding Decoration: Retail Vs DIY

FRIDAY FIGHT OUT!I’m afraid, Bride Vs Groom fans, that due to circumstances beyond our control there has been a change to your scheduled Friday Fight-out Title bout. Following a vicious out-of-ring street-debate on “Which was the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” after last week’s fight, Dom has unfortunately been banned indefinitely by the BvG world council. Fortunately for us, title contender Small Dog has volunteered to fight Dom’s intellectual corner in her place.

So, in the red corner, weighing in at roughly the same as an oversize gerbil, his wedding planning experience includes eating three large boxes of confetti, barking along to “Here Comes the Bride” (to the slight annoyance of the bride and groom) and marking his territory on a church door (twice)… it’s Paddy “The Small Dog” Shaw.

In the blue corner, weighing in at far more than he should following the “test” consumption of 3 tiers of cupcakes it’s Matt “The Gormless…

OY! GROOMY… I’m right here!!! You can’t just win by making up bans you know!


Fight on I guess! Today’s topic – Wedding Decoration: Retail Vs DIY

Ding Ding, Round 1

Dom: Creating your own decorations from scratch make it so much more personal. You can tailor everything to suit your own style and end up with something truly unique!

Matt: But (as I now know!) wedding planning takes up so much time already, who has the time to sit there making 80 personalised place cards when you could just buy them from the shop?

D: It’s worth the time and effort if you end up with all the decorations exactly as you dreamed they’d be. If you’re buying from a shop you’re going to have to compromise and use a design they’ve come up with rather than your own thoughts.york-wedding-photography

M: Yes but the people who make wedding decorations know what they’re doing! There are all kinds of things out there on the market that you probably wouldn’t even think of but these professional, creative people have already made!

D: DIY is cheaper than buying it pre-made

M: Well actually that depends: Yes you’re paying extra for the time and creativity used to make a product but depending on how fiddly your creations are and how many different raw materials you need it’s often cheaper just to buy it pre-made!

D: Doing it yourself or getting friends and family to help you makes it more special and can help get other people you care about more involved in the wedding. Your day is all about you and your loved ones and amazing to be able to showcase your talents to everyone!

york-wedding-photographersM: Not everyone is that talented at making things! If I tried to do crafty things and make table decorations and bunting and that kind of thing it would look like an 8year old had done it! Do you want your wedding to look beautiful and stylish or like a play-date at primary school?

D: There are loads of amazing guides out there to help you along the way and give you step-by-step instructions so you can’t go wrong, but the beauty is you can adapt it to however you want it rather than ending up with the same decoration that’s been used hundreds of times at other weddings before you!

york-wedding-photographersM: As I continue to discover, the wedding industry is HUGE! There are so many different suppliers out there that if you search hard enough you can always find things that resonate with you and feel like they encapsulate your personality. By mixing and matching different products you can still tailor it to how you want it to look.

D: What about the middle-ground? If you’re worried about making sure it looks professional there are pro wedding designers and stationers out there that will custom design something just for you but execute it with their expert hands to guarantee a perfect finish.

M: A great idea to get the best of both worlds, but only if you can afford it! Hiring someone to custom design something you’re always going to be paying a premium.

D: If we make everything I won’t have to drag you around hundreds of shops and I’ll let you go on the Playstation rather than scour the internet all the time!

M: Oh god…I’m going to be covered in glitter again aren’t I!

FINAL REMARKSyork-wedding-photographer

D: DIY is a cheap, fun and incredibly personal way of creating the perfect look for your wedding. Not only does it give you the chance to create EXACTLY the look you always wanted, it’s also a great deal of fun and something you can involve your guests, family and friends in as well. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new skill and when you see it all put together on that special wedding day you can feel really proud of your accomplishments! In my experience as a wedding photographer it’s always the little personal touches that make it special and unique, and those are the ones that you will remember when you look back fondly on your wedding in years to come.

M: There are so many highly skilled craftsmen and women out there making incredible high quality and original pieces and decorations for weddings that it’s quite possible to make your decorations unique and personal without making them yourselves. Professionals know what they’re doing and make sure every single item is finished to perfection, giving you a pristine and perfect look for your wedding. DIY is incredibly time consuming and, unless you happen to be highly skilled at crafts, you’re never going to get as good a result as a professionally made product.

So you’ve heard our arguments but what are your thoughts on Retail Vs DIY? If you’re recently married or in the planning stages yourselves and have created your own decorations from scratch, found pre-made decorations or even hired a stationer, planner or designer to custom create your look we’d love to hear from you! Join the debate in our comments section below!

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