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The Monday Musings: Cartoonification

Last week Dom and I set out for a great night out in Leeds with some of the North’s finest wedding professionals. One of the things we love about the wedding industry is that there is such a community behind it and that meet-ups like this do exist as a chance for all of us to get together and get to know each other a little better. Not only is it a chance to make some great new friends, it also means we’re able to recommend the best suppliers to all our readers! This time it was the Northern Wedding Club, and a nicer bunch you couldn’t hope to meet!

A fantastic night was had by all, but as I wandered around introducing myself I started to notice one or two strange looks… the sort of look that says “I sort of know you from somewhere but can’t figure out why”… Initially I was introducing myself as a wedding cinematographer, but the moment I mentioned Bride Vs Groom, in each and every face a lightbulb suddenly lit up!

“You’re the Gormless Groom!!!”

Yes, it would appear that whilst Dom’s long established social and online presence already makes her a fairly well recognised face, I have become better known as a cartoon than as a real life person. People were actually surprised at my height as, apparently, I don’t look as tall in my cartoon. If you actually check I think you’ll find that I appear shorter due to my spine bending as only a cartoon’s can, but that’s really beside the point. The fact remains that my presence at the event would have effectively been deemed unnecessary had Dom turned up with a cardboard cut-out of my Gormless groom alter-ego. The cartoonification process has begun!







I’m starting to think however that being a cartoon may have certain advantages. Not only does the gormless groom have far more controllable hair and really quite impeccable teeth, but after watching The Mask again I realise that the ability to bend in unusual ways, never age and survive incidents that should surely cause certain death could effectively render me a superhero! Although at the same time I do find myself constantly worrying about someone dropping a piano on my head or planting a stick of dynamite in my hat so really it’s something of a mixed bag.

Either way “The Gormless Groom” is here to stay, ready to fight his short furry nemesis Small Dog, maintain a permanently confused expression and to fly the flag for clueless soon-to-be husbands everywhere. Just try to stop your eyes popping out of your head and little love hearts going everywhere when you see your Bride walk down the aisle ok!

As a wise pig once said…

That’s all folks!

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