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The Monday Musings – To Boldly Go

Now I confess I’m most definitely a geek. I always have been really – I always did pretty well at school, never really got into trouble, I played Trombone in not one but (at one point) six different bands at once. Whilst I’m quite happy to be a self-professed geek now let’s be honest, if it hadn’t been for the fact I was pretty big, reasonable at sports and had learnt Karate at a young age I probably wouldn’t have made it through school alive.

No matter how geeky I may have been though there was always one boundary that I refused to cross: I was NOT about to become a Trekky! I may have been a massive Star Wars fan and spent half my life messing around with computers and stuff but I was not going to be the complete stereotypical geek who was obsessed with Star Trek and kept telling people to live long in prosper, I simply refused. I hated Star Trek and all that it stood for, and I guess I’ve carried that hatred through into adulthood.

So when Dom recently told me that she (who I’d always considered cooler than I) loved the last Star Trek film and wanted me to go with her to watch the new one I thought I heard the distant ringing of divorce bells. When my brother-in-law Liam (a man who generally has impeccable taste in films) also started to rave about it I naturally just assumed they’d just lost their minds after a tough double-wedding weekend. It wasn’t until another future film hit the headlines that I started to listen.

The Monday Musings - To Boldly Go

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After Disney’s takeover of Lucasfilm and their announcement of a new Star Wars film I was, as a big fan of the first 3 films but not so much the second trilogy, naturally intrigued by who would be directing it. When JJ Abrams name came up Dom suddenly got very excited about it, proclaiming that the new films were suddenly going to be awesome. She explained that Abrams had directed the latest Star Trek films and that they had basically been his version of a Star Wars film before the possibility existed of him ever actually directing one. My interest was peaked!

And so, finally last night I put my lifelong prejudice aside, sat down and boldly went where this gormless groom had never been before – I watched a Star Trek movie. And, having sat through 127 minutes of it… I can’t wait to watch the next one!

Yes I have finally crossed the line, I’m officially a Star Trek fan. I would however like to point out that I’m also a football fan so that makes it ok right??!! Oh sod it, I already got a girlfriend so I think now’s the time to start liking Star Trek… she even married me so it’s just awkward for her to proclaim me a geek and ignore me now! So for those that are unconvinced there’s a point to marriage there it is: locking in a relationship before you cross the line over to total geekiness… oh and, you know, love and commitment and stuff… that too.

So assuming I don’t have to walk out of the cinema later this week whilst watching the brand new ‘Star Trek – Into Darkness’ film I can rest safe in the knowledge that the upcoming Star Wars films are in safe ‘Jar Jar Binks’ free hands. Come on Abrams, right now the force is with you.


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