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The Monday Musings: Tweeting the Crap Out Of Life

Monday MusingsTwitter is a strange and confusing place. Hang on, am I still under 140 characters? Then I’ll continue…

Twitter has the power to topple governments, to draw attention to the plights of thousands and, of course, to allow me to tell people what I had for breakfast in a surprising and unnecessary amount of detail despite the character limit. It was toast by the way. Thanks for asking. No Cornflakes… Gutted. 😉

It’s really a very strange little beast. I’m constantly being nagged  having it suggested to me by my lovely wife that I should tweet more and share my thoughts with people. It sounds in principle a lovely idea, but when it comes down to it (as my usual Monday Musings posts testify) I struggle to surmise my thoughts in less than 3 pages of A4 and the little blue Twitter bird doesn’t so much tweet as peck at that. The writer in me has the unfortunate compulsion to try to be vaguely entertaining in everything I write and the rather unexpected impact of this is that I sometimes find myself trying to live a more interesting life in order to entertain my followers. This morning I had Muesli for breakfast just to have a more interesting breakfast topic than toast… I don’t even like Muesli! Man I’m crazy!

I also find that by the time I’ve done all the tweets and Facebook messages and emails and other short tiny pieces of writing I need to do each day I could have easily written a short novel. A spectacularly crap novel but a novel none the less.

I do however enjoy reading other people’s Tweets, mostly for the strange and bizarre mix that comes through my stream on a daily basis. One minute I’m reading a tweet from the Mars Rover busily pushing the boundaries of scientific endeavour and the next I’m observing a fierce argument over who first used a particular piece of punctuation… (I forget whether it was the blogger or the benedictine monk that won that one) and it’s all happening in under 140 characters.

In the last few years we seem to have developed a new variant of a condition that, as someone who writes daily myself, plagues me regularly: Writer’s Block. I struggle constantly to come up with new ideas or just to find that closing paragraph, yet half of mankind, and also Joey Barton, seem to be suffering from the opposite and just can’t stop themselves writing however bad an idea it blatantly is! I’ve read people tweeting about whether or not to skive work and then tweet the next day that they just got fired. I wonder how they found out! I’ve also seen people belittle and ridicule others like they’re just characters in the big twitter computer game rather than real people on a public forum, and that’s surely both just unfair and bound to come back at you in equal measure.

What I really love about Twitter though is the genuine connections you can make. We’ve come into contact with some fantastic people through twitter, and I think without it the wedding world would still be the fragmented industry of years gone by. It’s a fantastic thing that suppliers talk to each other and get to know each other and even recommend one another to couples struggling to find what they need. You could scour the web for days looking for something but if you tweet about it chances are someone can help… Last night I set Twitter a challenge. At around 10pm I tweeted that I needed a picture of a Dog wearing a Bridesmaid outfit for today’s post…

Monday Musings

… less than an hour later this had appeared in my Twitter feed:

Monday Musings

The world is officially a tiny place…

in fact, it’s only about 140 characters long.

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