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The Friday Fight-Out: The Wedding Invites – Online Vs Offline

Ok, so despite our best intentions we STILL haven’t actually sent out our wedding invitations. It’s not as bad as it sounds… with a destination wedding you need to give people advance warning so we knew basically who was coming a year ago, but the invites contain useful info for the guests and provide us with an official RSVP.

We’re actually going to quite a lot of effort with the invitations which is partly why they’re taking so long to come out, but as time passes I’m increasingly aware that we could have made life much easier for ourselves by sending our invites via an online service. There are plenty of ways to do this online but which is better? Receiving an e-invite on your computer or a physical invite through the post or by hand? Let’s find out!


In the Red Corner, fighting for the snail-mail hand-delivered formal invitation (probably because she’s not the one actually trying to make the bloomin’ things! It’s Dom “The Tog” Bride

In the Blue Corner, fighting for the easy life and emailing something out, despite doing lots of writing his calligraphy is at a similar standard to that of a 2 year old dog, it’s Matt “The Gormless” Groom


Wedding Invites – Online Vs Offline… Let Battle Commence!

Image courtesy Claire Sowden Design

Dom: I think people like to receive that formal invite through the door or hand delivered by the couple, particularly in this day and age. With the immense popularity of email and social media we don’t get excited by them anymore, whereas getting a letter through the door (when it’s not a bill!) is actually quite exciting!

Matt: Online invitation services really are far more convenient! In an age where you probably don’t know all your friend’s addresses getting them from them kind of ruins the surprise anyway and emailing out the invitations is faster and easier.

Dom: Mailing out invitations allows you to do something more elaborate, even something handmade and even handwritten. Letters are so much more personal than anything online and you can create something that is a bit of a keepsake for the guests. For family members particularly this is something they might want to keep somewhere safe forever.

Matt: Rather than just emailing or Facebooking your guests you can sign up to an online service which can create a really nice online invitation for you. These services offer online RSVP’s which mean you get your reply fast and easily and they can be saved to a safe place automatically rather than having to make lists or getting confused over who is and isn’t coming.

Dom: But if an email comes up from a service you don’t recognise it’s probably either going in the junk mail or being deleted! You want to make sure your invites are going to get there!

Matt: If you want it to be more personal you can create custom designs online to match the style you want to create or even customise the whole design to the individual person you’re sending it to. These often give a much more professional finish than you can easily create yourself unless you really know what you’re doing!

Dom: Doing your invitations offline doesn’t have to be difficult! You can buy pre-made invites from most stationers and just hand-write the content or you can have them made up to your specifications.


Dom: Your wedding is special, the most important day of your lives, and your guests should feel really special being invited to it. Email has taken over from letters as the convenient, informal way of delivering messages whereas we no longer often receive letters which makes it more special. A handmade invite is a particularly special touch: something that you can really put your stamp on and that can be kept as a precious keepsake by those closest to you.

Matt: It’s being invited to a wedding that’s really special rather than the invite itself! Online services allow you to create something that can be really nice with the convenience of instant dispatch and reply. You can keep a simple record of who is and isn’t coming and turn the whole process around in days rather than the potential weeks it might take for people to receive their invite and mail out an RSVP! Email is so successful because people generally don’t want to have to bother mailing things any more – why not make the whole process as simple as possible?

We’d love to hear your opinions on this so if you’re putting your invites together or have already sent yours out let us know what you did and whether you would change it! You can leave your comment below or catch us on twitter!

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